Like history? We do, too!

Welcome to the Historical Society of Winslow Township!  Winslow Township incorporated on March 8th, 1845, and we have a lot of history to save, and preserve.  YOU can help us, by sharing your family, business, and church histories, and anything related to Winslow Township.  We need your help, and here’s how you can do this:

  • Find some old photos and don’t know what to do with them?  Let us scan them and help identify the people and places in them (or better yet, tell us if you know)!
  • Have a history question about your house or neighborhood?  Ask us – we might know the answer!
  • Become a member and a builder of our organization here –>
  • Just come in and help us sort through our collections, create new displays
  • Looking for a place to share your knowledge or interest of the local history?  We’d love to have you as a guest speaker!

Let’s face it, history disappears for several reasons; we assume that because something has always been there (like that old house down the street), it will always be there…until someone buys the property and demolishes the house.  Help us preserve the memories and the history of Winslow Township.  Become a member, or just share your history with us!

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